Click the link below to be redirected to the actual running Surface Mount Micro Web Server.

** PLEASE NOTE **  For some reason some versions of Internet Explorer do NOT open the server page !

Firefox, Opera and Chrome work just fine.

Please use one of the browsers listed above and if you want to view the Micro Server page just click on the link below.

The original project was created by Mauro Grassi who designed the electronics, wrote the firmware code to run it and has made it all available for anyone wishing to duplicate this amazingly powerful little free standing web server (No PC required !)  Thanks obviously go to both Mauro and also the Silicon Chip magazine team for hosting the projects multi part article.

This newly designed layout utilizes Surface Mount components and substantially reduces the size of the PC is made specifically to be the same physical size as  a business card very similar to the very fine project done by Ian Lesnet and hosted by the Hack A Day folks which incidentally was the inspiration for this effort.

Have fun browsing around the site and remember as you wander through the images found there that all this is possible on a tiny PIC micro controller and another small surface mount chip called a data pump, the images and web page content are stored on the little MicroSD card at far left.

 ** New Addition ** 

I have just added a new clock display to the WIB which gets the accurate time from an Internet Time Server, The digits scroll vertically like a car odometer....a neat looking effect.


See WIB image below:  


Thanks for dropping by........ Dave   


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